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Another ferocious find for Cannibal Cheerleader faithful today, as Toronto-based trio Die Mannequin came ripping and gnashing through out inbox, out our speakers, and down out throats like a poison-tipped sabre, except replace the poison with the malice that is singer Care Failure's slobbering, blood-guzzling bellow. Rocketing skyward on the backs of several successful EPs, having once featured former Death From Above 1979 members as well as E. Kath of none other than Crystal Castles, Die Mannequin remains one of the few alt-rock female-fronted groups with not only a sense of depth to their songwriting but a set of balls that crushes even their most machismo-ridden male counterparts.

Their new record FINO + BLEED may just catapult this band to ....
2:46 a.m. Saturday 7th November 2009 EST
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