Bleep! - 8bit Documentary “Reformat The ...

Bleep! - 8bit Documentary “Reformat The Planet” on PTV (Bonus MP3s from Covox, Firebrand Boy, & Sabrepulse)

The good folks at Pitchfork TV are hosting 2 Player Production's documentary on the 8-bit scene Reformat The Planet for a brief week. The film launched on Friday, Aug 15th, so you've got 6 days left to view it. Click below to stream the whole film: In honor of their 8-bit love, here's 3 of my all-time favorite chiptunes: Covox - Dubslide Sabrepulse - Famicom Connection Firebrand Boy - Such Great Heighs (Cover) Firebrand Boy's cover of The Postal Service's Such Great Heights stands not only as one of the best chiptunes around, but also as one of the better covers ever created.

I'll buy that copy of LSDJ someday.... 12:51 p.m. Sunday 17th August 2008 EST
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