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Blind people, really

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The House I've not seen 'The Road' yet, and I probably won't this side of Christmas, so I stopped waiting and listened to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' score. 'Atmospheric' scores can feel a bit redundant divorced of the images, but I thought Cave & Ellis' score for 'The Proposition' worked well in both settings. Before I get to it, let me just say I am pretty shocked that Godspeed did not get the commission for this.

I mean, 'Dead Flag Blues' does the so-distraught-its-verging-on-self-parody thing almost as well as Cormac McCarthy (seriously: 'We're all stuck in the belly of this horrible machine. And the machine is bleeding to death.' Should have gone the ....
From 'the wirewool'
3:45 a.m. Friday 11th December 2009 EST
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