Blitzen Trapper: Aimz vs. The Hipsters

Review: Blitzen Trapper, February 21, The Horseshoe, Toronto Like most of the fans at last night's Blitzen Trapper show, I only learned of their music upon the release of 2008's Furr . I first listened to Furr on a train from Windsor to Toronto, Ontario, and I thought, "man, these dudes are hippies," and I got the urge to smoke a giant joint. I would describe their music as folk-rock, but they cross so many genres that its hard to put a label on them.

Their music is similar to that of their fellow Portland, Oregon, residents, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks . Furr is a good album, and it made many critic's 2008 best-of lists. I find that it ....

3:54 a.m. Monday 23rd February 2009 EST
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