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Bloc Party Talk About The Future

British indie giants Bloc Party have caused no end of consternation by admitting that they don't know what the future holds for the band. Bloc Party are one of the most influential British bands of their generation. Bringing back spiky guitar lines and literate pop songs, the London group have stormed indie dancefloors and broadsheets alike.<br/><br/> Last year's controversial third album 'Intimacy' saw Bloc Party introduce daring new electronic elements into their sound. The band were met with opposition from fans, especially after lead single 'Mercury' broke. However many have now come round, with a recent remix album demonstrating that Bloc Party's music is adaptable to the club scene.<br/><br/> Allowing the likes of Herve and many more to re-think their .... 7:06 p.m. Thursday 30th July 2009 EST
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