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Blogger Smash!

Blogger Smash!

I had a very bad day today. Usually I like to counter by bad days with hardcore industrial music, but an industrial song doesn't exist that is hard enough to counteract my rage for the shitstorm of a day I had. It would have to be a collaboration between Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Mussolini Headkick and the sounds of a factory itself for me to exorcise the demonic rage within me.

So instead I'm gonna put up some Stereolab and shit. Whatever. Dajjamondo The Phoenix Big Hum According to Discogs Dajjamondo is an alias for Marcel Hol, he has about a billion other AKAs (my favorite one is Bizarre.

Supreme!) and he's from Belgium. He's the only Belgium techno producer I've .... 2:09 p.m. Friday 19th June 2009 EST
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