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Blonde Redhead//In Particular

It’s it’s double double trouble trouble week! I don’t love everything that Blonde Redhead does, but oh my god, this song is so, so worth it. Talking about signing my name XX yesterday reminded me of this supreme jam, most probably first introduced to me by one Jill Dembowski, who deserves to be honored on this day above all days (I’ll say no more than that), through perhaps her legendary September mix? This is all speculation on my part, since this time was a hazy era of nightly over consumption of Popov vodka and cheap red wine, which seems even more apt considering this song’s fairly melancholic and slightly trashy vibe. I do clearly remember repeatedly yelling “HYSTERICAL! PARANOIAC!!!” on ....<br/><br/> 4 a.m. Wednesday 25th February 2009 EST
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