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Blood Bath Recap Pt. 4

Blood Bath Recap Pt. 4

TREASURE MAMMAL - BLOOD BATH If you're familiar with the Cannibal Cheerleader cult at all you'll know we count ourselves among the biggest devotees of Phoenix's favorite son Treasure Mammal aka Abe Gil. With experimental tendencies wrapped in electronic warbles coated in inspirational by-way-off ridiculous lyrics packaged in a hip-hop candy coating, T. Mammal defies easy definition, as his performance at our Cannibal Cheerleader Blood Bath clearly demonstrated.

Blasting through some unbelievably awesome new tracks, Abe left the audience at the Peacock literally speechless. Despite having initial difficulty getting sets for SXSW, the Treasure Mammal eventually found him self playing a half-dozen parties across Austin. We're not sure if he survived the events of the craziest weekend in Austin, but ....

1:16 p.m. Tuesday 24th March 2009 EST
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