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I'm busy writin' and listenin' but will have some some new stabs at slabs to preview soon. Til then check out this re-run of my review of the Motor Sounds Records compilation Blood On The Scratchplate '65! MOTOR SOUNDS RECORDS ARTiSTS ViDEOS! This sooper high octane 21 track hunk o'punkass garage blues lo-fi rockness hails from dirty durty Northern Ireland and it kills and kills again. 21 times it kills.

I just love a record label that you can trust and so far Motor Sounds Records is just that. Like SST Records in the olden days Andy McGibbon's Motor Sounds knows it's thang and knows it well. Chunky hunks of greasy garage rawk squawk vs sexy Joe Da Grinder D-troit ....

1:18 a.m. Friday 7th August 2009 EST
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