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Blue moon of Kenfucky

Blå blauw bleu blau μπλε 藍色 蓝色 blu 青い 파란 azul голубо. Big thanks to Merz for handpicking this classy mix (whether he was aware that he did it or not), and thanks to Babelfish for giving this post an international slant. UPDATE JULY 20TH : Did you come here via the Hype Machine looking for New Order's Blue Monday ? Tough luck, brother.

I deleted it today because it broke up the flow of the mix and replaced it with The Black Crowes' Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye which is not only a much better song, but fits in a lot better with the rest of the tracks. (zip) Metal Bastard's Blue Songs (53 mb) 1. Weeping Willows - ....

4:19 a.m. Saturday 18th July 2009 EST
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