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Blur Week: More b-sides

More b-sides for you lovely people. This time round the secondary songs are taken from singles off Blur 's eponymous album, Blur (obviously). All Your Life and A Spell For Money were the b-sides to Beetlebum and they really show off the direction that the band took on Blur.<br/><br/> All Your Life begins like a Pavement track with its scuzzy, off-kilter guitar that doesn't sound quite right but totally is. Saying that, the chorus is classic Blur with Damon's lyric all cheeky and bursting with charm. The odd synth notes behind the chorus gives it a crazed-robot kookiness.<br/><br/> Spell For Money is a less intense affair with a glitchy, effects-ridden guitar lead and a plucky but subdued beat. For an .... 4:07 a.m. Thursday 2nd July 2009 EST
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