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BNN vs. PBJ! Beggar tune, why ...

It makes my fucking skin crawl whenever someone actually describes an enterprise as "the thinking man's" possessive, but I'll be damned if French DJ quartet Birdy Nam Nam don't tempt me just a bit. The first team to utilize custom pressings in order to take the DMC championship prize back in 2002, Crazy-B, DJ Need, DJ Pone, and Little Mike's crew flamboasts big time, pitching thunderous, technically impeccable turntablism under a moniker pulled from the only non-Pink Panther Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers collaboration . Thinking man? Maybe.<br/><br/> Dancing man? Shit yeah. Having contributed soundtrack work to the last two Transporter films, BNN's Justice produced "The Parachute Ending" became a modest hit this winter, and using their oeuvre to date as a .... 1:04 p.m. Thursday 7th May 2009 EST
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