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Bona Fide Interview: Pretty Lights

Today we have an interview with Colorado electronica producer, Pretty Lights . From his beginning as a bass player in rock bands, he turned his teenage rebellion into the beginnings of a successful musical career. Look for him 11/9 at the Granada and check out his song "Cold Feeling" at the bottom of the interview.<br/><br/> Bona Fide Darling: There are a lot of what sound like old soul and blues vocal samples on your album--are you a crate digger? Pretty Lights: Very much so. Nothing sounds more fun to me than 7 hours in a big ass used vinyl store with a battery powered portable record player. BFD: I compared Filling Up The Skies With Lights to DJ Shadow's Entroducing ....<br/><br/> 3:36 p.m. Thursday 27th August 2009 EST
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