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[Bonnaroo '09] The Dirty Projectors

[Bonnaroo '09] The Dirty Projectors

Waking up well rested Friday morning, I couldn't contain my enthusiasm for what I considered to be the (early) climax day of the festival's weekend run. Friday offered something for everyone and provided more conflict than democracy in the Middle East. Starting the day off with one of my favorite bands, The Dirty Projectors , was quite the treat.

I haven't stopped spinning Bitte Orca since it came out and it marked the first time I'd ever seen them live - needless to say, I was impressed. Dave Longstreth took the stage with Angel Daedorian for an intimate rendition of "Two Doves" that was a pleasant appetizer for when the full-band took the stage. Since Bitte Orca had released the ....

1:33 a.m. Friday 19th June 2009 EST
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