Boo.......... Boohatch

This Mornin'... favorite Mike McClure has been busy recording music lately. Both for himself and for other bands.

Mike has made available a Boohatch Records Sampler . The disc includes songs from some of his recent productions including: Jessey Thompson, Shut Down Town, Fat Dixie, Willie Stradlin', and Little Ray. Also featured on the set are two songs from Mike himself.

The new rocker, Deviants , and a re-imagined Great Divide tune, Nowhere Woman . The decision to re-record this epic tune came after a cry of popular demand in the comments of his always entertaining MySpace blog . Purchase Boohatch: Choppy Thingy at A few weeks ago, Mike stumbled upon a batch of lost copies of his first ....

12:54 p.m. Thursday 12th March 2009 EST
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