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Boom To The Bap: Low End ...

Boom To The Bap: Low End Theory Podcast #3

What up all. Like the organ? Found that shit on the street. Upper keys work, but the lower side is all fucked up.

Its got a dope drum machine in it though and programmed basslines when you hit the peddles. Shit is dope. I like having it in the kitchen cause it drives my roommate nuts cause its so fucking big, and when we drinking out the kegerator I get my Stevie Wonder on hardcore.

Thats whats up. Im real sick so I'm just posting up a mixtape I did today all faded. Lots of ill 90's hip hop.

All Serato also. Wooo hooo. Some of the shit was posted on the blog recently so if you missed those posts ....

8:44 a.m. Thursday 27th October 2005 EST
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