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Belle de Jour has the enigmatic, never explained, Chinese box... which seems to contain the essence of eroticism for Belle de Jour, or else the buzzing that emanates from the box is indicative of neurochemical snapping or some figurative / literal spin on insect aphropdisiacs... But, anyway, in its place in that film it surely...<br/><br/> a precursor of the suitcase trick of arch-thief Tarantino - the idea of both boxes containing souls is not entirely misguided as a reading of both films, even if it's not the correct reading... ...and a similar reading, tapping into the masochism of the first film and the soul-tearing of the second is the puzzle box from Hellraiser... which performs more or less the ....<br/><br/> 8:20 p.m. Tuesday 20th January 2009 EST
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