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Boys Will Be Boys

Ryan Adams--"Boys" (mp3) David Bowie--"Boys Keep Swinging" (mp3) Yesterday, here at school, was a day of boys. Our annual "day off for fun and games in the spring" was a coed event for the first time (girls arrived in the afternoon), but it was still a day of boys. It was a day of: running, shooting, throwing, grabbing, jostling, diving, chowing, swinging, swilling, sweating, belching, squirting, climbing, kicking, showing off, gorging, puking, rocking, swearing.<br/><br/> In short, a boy day. Overseeing this day of fun were a group of (primarily) gentler (primarily) men. Even during this day of spring frenzy, we expect our guys to be somewhat gentlemanly.<br/><br/> We expect them to respect guidelines, stay in boundaries, look out for those .... 2:01 p.m. Wednesday 8th April 2009 EST
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