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Brazilian Girls: "I'm Losing Myself" ft. ...

Brazilian Girls: "I'm Losing Myself" ft. David Byrne

On Brazilian Girls' pretty solid third album, New York City , the verse for the electro-rush "I'm Losing Myself" were sung in French, and were not sung by David Byrne. The band has opted to change that, releasing a new version of the song with David Byrne singing the verses in English. Brazilian Girls used to cover Talking Heads a lot, so the pair makes some sense, and the band's paranoia in regards to relationships is certainly Heads-like.

The David Byrne-featuring version of "I'm Losing Myself" is on the "Losing Myself" single which is out now via iTunes. You can stream the track by going to Pitchfork. Photo Credit: Chris La Putt/

1:33 a.m. Wednesday 25th March 2009 EST
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