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When we first heard about Jemina Pearl's solo debut our fevered sniveling over the traumatic breakup of Be Your Own Pet was quelled - at least for a moment. Would the ferocious frontwoman bring the goods without her shredding sidekicks - would the songs maintain their high-flying heroics with the loss of the loose ends? By all means, by all standards, indubitably faithful friends. But this isn't the Jemina Pearl we're all familiar with - instead of the stabbing, shrieking siren of olde, this horrifying hellion has herself transformed into a songwriting starlet, with pop hooks, loud-quiet-loud choruses, and Shangri-La's inspired harmonies replacing all the punk pulverization.

While this might be a big change, and one might understand how it ....
6:43 p.m. Monday 2nd November 2009 EST
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