Brian Eno Talks New Project

Legendary sonic experimentalist Brian Eno has spoken about his forthcoming album 'Small Craft On A Milk Sea'. Brian Eno is a non-musician, someone who subtracts established scales, arpeggios and chord sequences and leaves a carefully crafted 'IOU' note in their place. The producer recently hooked up with two close friends for a very special project.

'Small Craft On A Milk Sea' is due to be released on Warp later this year, and has been kept under lock and key. Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams took part in recording sessions for the album, Brian Eno's first in some time. Issuing a statement to outline his reasons for getting back into the studio, Eno recalled his early solo work.

“In the early ....

from 'Clash Music'

10:27 p.m. Tuesday 14th September 2010 EST
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