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Broken Social Scene Seranade A Joy ...

Speaking of Canadian indie-rock bands appearing in films , here's another we just mentioned. Last year it was reported — based on one line in a press release — that indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene had participated in the film, " The Time Traveler's Wife " directed by Robert Schwentke (" Flightplan ") and starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams , but there were zero details on their involvement. But a friend of ours just saw an early-bird test screening of the film and told us four members of the expanding and ever-evolving line-up, including Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning and Justin Peroff are featured in a wedding scene playing undisclosed BSS track which eventually morphs into a quick snippet medley ....<br/><br/> 1:12 a.m. Thursday 12th March 2009 EST
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