Brokencyde Will Never Last by Helen Bach

´╗┐Brokencyde is a band that is part of this sorta glam boy trend. "Crunkcore" is just a tiny offshoot lame ass white boy dance party. The ugly kids who need to find a way to get laid on a limited time span and budget.

They will not be household names. They will not last 5 years. So like a bad deli sandwich you eat it cuz its there then you feel like shit for a couple days So here ya go announcement of their second coming..

or I'd say offering but you wont take it. This is great though, it comes with a snarky (credit Iman for that word today, its what he called ME) Get this pompous quote: "With ....

from 'Rock NYC'

11:08 p.m. Saturday 25th September 2010 EST
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