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'Bronson' Poster & Trailer: Absurdist & ...

It's like Boston shame day today. Another great film we saw at the Independent Film Festival of Boston that we didn't have time to spit out is the new Nicolas Winding Refn film, " Bronson ." Theatrically expressive, mordantly operatic and with lots of deliciously absurdist and loony Kubrick -like moments (a mix of the austere '2001' palette and framing with the chaos of " Clockwork Orange "), "Bronson," is hysterical, brutal and awe-inspiring. It's an audacious and bold picture you must see and it's great to see filmmaking of this caliber that's stylish, yet doesn't live by any tricks or conceits.<br/><br/> The tag line is "34 Years In Prison - 30 In Solitary - Loving Every Minute," and that .... 7:10 a.m. Wednesday 22nd July 2009 EST
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