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Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers

So Im surfing god knows where and my computer starts to go BALLISTIC! I mean it starts trying to send e-mail, have a conversation in iChat, all the while actually speaking to me and opening up Terminal, to fuck with my system. This is not supposed to happen on a Mac. I cant get a menu to work, so much is happening so fast, I cant force quit any of the apps.<br/><br/> So I shut down the entire machine. It takes forever to reboot, under Mac standards, maybe a minute and a half, and thenMAILs totaled. Says Ive got nothing.<br/><br/> Seventy odd thousand e-mails Pfft. Im in shock. This is not what I had planned for today.<br/><br/> I started researching .... midnight Thursday 10th January 2008 EST
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