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Bulent Arel, "Mimiana II: Frieze"

Bulent Arel, "Mimiana II: Frieze"

-- LINER NOTES -- MIMIANA 11: FRIEZE (By Bulent Arel; Time: 13:02) The choreography for Frieze was completed some time before the musical score was composed. After seeing the dance, the composer's general impression was that of early Egyptian reliefs in which the human faces are seen in profile, while their torsos are facing outward. The dance suggested a feeling of a completely ritualistic procession consisting of slow and deliberate movements of the dancers.

Except for a few contrasting short bursts of fast, active sequences, the dance never lost its hypnotic character. In the musical score, all sounds are electronically produced and, coincidentally, the work reflects some tonal feelings. From the middle part of the score, where "pure sounds" or ....

4:53 a.m. Sunday 24th May 2009 EST
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