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Bulgaria Meets Mongolia

Bulgaria Meets Mongolia

You may think Bulgaria and Mongolia have little in common. But as you listen to this show and further explore their musics, you may find that themes emerge. Particularly that each has an amazing and unique vocal style.

Bulgaria has tremendous vocal polyphonies and individual artists such as Yîldîz Ibrahimova (heard on the Thracian Rhapsody song "Wedding Eve"). And Mongolia has magnificent singers in the Central Asian overtone tradition. At the end of the first hour, those two traditions meet in the unusual "Dancing Voices" collaboration.

Enjoy! Note: with our PodOmatic bandwidth still maxed out, the audio archive is temporarily hosted with imeem. If you prefer to download rather than stream the show, make a donation for a PodOmatic upgrade, .... 8:17 a.m. Saturday 6th June 2009 EST
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