Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber - ...

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber - Making Love To The Dark Ages

by Pico Using large ensembles as vehicles for improvised music is hardly a new proposition, but can be one of the riskiest ones. After all, the more musicians involved, the more likelihood that one or more them won't be on the same page and thus the greater potential for, well, disaster. We visited upon the music of one such wide open orchestra a few years back with Build An Ark .

The big band "Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber" takes way more chances, however. This rag-tag collection of twenty of so vocalists, horn players, guitarists, percussionists, keyboardists, bass player---even harmonica player---is guided by group bandleader Greg Tate. The guidance comes in the form of "conduction," a system whereby Tate uses ....

3 p.m. Thursday 30th April 2009 EST
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