Busta Rhymes attempts to explain why Arab Money isn't bad

You see, Arab Money wasn't intended as a slur on anyone. Oh, no. Why, when he first heard the song, Rhymes didn't even know it said 'Arab' : "I called [producer Ron Browz] on the phone.

We were going shopping for the awards. I was riding around, and we were playing the beat over. I wanted to know what he was saying.

[Ron] picked up the phone, and I was like, 'What are you saying on this joint?' I thought it was saying 'Maybach Money.' 'Maybach' or 'Arab' — it kinda rhymed. I needed confirmation." Maybach sort of rhymes with Arab? Or Arab sort of rhymes with Money? Eh? Browz, though, confirmed the chorus was Arab money. Rather than going ....

8:15 a.m. Friday 30th January 2009 EST
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