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Busta Rhymes: Back on My BS

Busta Rhymes: Back on My BS

Busta Rhymes: Back on My BS Three years since the critically and commercially dissappointing The Big Bang , Busta Rhymes finally returns with his eighth studio album. Originally intended to be released on December 4, 2007, but Busta slowed down the process to make sure this record would fare better than The Big Bang . The result is a record that is well produced, well rapped, and essentially sees Busta return to his roots as a witty and enigmatic MC.

The lead single of Back on My BS was one of the worst singles of last year, "Arab Money". I had very little hope that Busta Rhymes was going to produce anything worth while if "Arab Money" was the best .... 2:49 a.m. Thursday 21st May 2009 EST
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