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Busta Rhymes [ft. Estelle] - "World ...

Nowadays rap and dance drift along in a functional symbiosis, so you'd think remixes like this would be easier to come by. But I've had the damnedest time lately finding decent remixes of Top 40 rap tracks. I don't know what the deal is.<br/><br/> This lil' jernt, flipped by Mehdi of the Ed Banger camp, is a nice cool drink in the sweltering dance/rap remix drought of '09. Quite a pleasant (and only mildly NSFW ) surprise from the RCRD LBL blog 's usually dime-a-dozen selection: ♥ THIS SONG ON THE HYPE MACHINE! / SAVE IT ON DELICIOUS! Help AiMT on The Hype Machine by faving us on Technorati .. 10:04 a.m. Thursday 25th June 2009 EST
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