Butterfly mantissa

Lately these ears ha ve been more attuned to the ambient-drone-experimental end of the spectrum. But the exuberance & intelligence of Floating Points - one of LMYE's 10 'emerging' artists of 2009 - still stands out, a kind of future boogie (you might even call it neuroscientific, given his day job) constructed on a fuzzy warmth/dryly crisp pairing of fat, burbling synths, compelling shuffle- rolls & claps (perfected in the gauzy Esthian Three ), & endearing frills like the glowing Peroration 's suite of Clangers whistles, the loping, squirming near-breakdown of his Make Me Stronger remix, that ethereal voice on the exemplary K&G; Beat , & the acidic ripples of Peoples Potential ... Below, stream 10 hand-picked tracks & mixes.

7:43 p.m. Wednesday 14th April 2010 EST
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