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Buy Billy Corgan Lunch!

Buy Billy Corgan Lunch!

You could buy Billy Corgan lunch! The nonprofit auction site Charitybuzz is offering a lunch with the Smashing Pumpkins leader to the highest bidder, and the Smashing Pumpkins website confirms that it's a real thing. If you win the auction, you and a friend get to have lunch with Corgan in Los Angeles or Chicago at "a mutually convenient time". And, as the site makes sure to point out, "Winner is responsible for the bill." I guess it's the Taco Bell value menu for you, Billy! The auction ends on June 30, and as I'm typing this, the minimum bid is $750.

If anyone has any money to burn, they can go ask Corgan about that whole Tila Tequila thing .... 7:10 a.m. Monday 22nd June 2009 EST
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