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By:Larm Festival (Oslo, Norway) : Day ...

By:Larm Festival (Oslo, Norway) : Day 1

It's not often that international music festivals knock on our door. Unless Dodge is holding out but we can settle that in the comments section. Or not.

Anyway, when By:Larm Festival (pronounced "bee larm") invited MOKB to hang/check out Scandinavia's finest up-and-coming artists in Oslo, we felt it was a privilege and an honor. To give you a reference, think of a charming and modest SXSW with a chance of snow flurries and REALLY expensive beer. So without any more delays, here are some noteworthy artists in order of appearance.

(photo cred : MOKB Staff Photographer : Dave Donovan Evans) Captain Credible bends and digitizes his voice over manipulated Nintendo noises, synths, drum loops and sci-fi sounds. This creates something .... 3 p.m. Saturday 21st February 2009 EST
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