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By:Larm Festival (Oslo, Norway): Day 2

There are at least a couple of sayings that play with the idea of living in Norway vs being Norwegian. One goes something like "if you live in Norway, the weather is cold. But if you are Norwegian, the weather isn't cold, you just didn't dress warm".

But who travels from the states to Scandinavia in winter boots? Not this pinch-hit blogger. So, yeah, my feet got cold and soaked. Every night.

I paid for it. And speaking of paying for it, another adage from the land of fjords is "you can go out on a Friday night, spend 800NOK (about $115USD) on drinks and think nothing of it". For us midwestern types, dropping that kind of coin to drink ....

1:50 a.m. Wednesday 25th February 2009 EST
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