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By:Larm Festival (Oslo, Norway): Day 3

By:Larm Festival (Oslo, Norway): Day 3

Oslo is not a huge city but it's easy to understand why it is a world leader in concerts per capita. For example, starting at the epicenter of the festival and within 3 block radius there are a literally a dozen venues. And not just tiny night clubs and discotheques either, but massive concert halls and auditoriums, some with multiple stages.

So naturally it's a good burg to host around 500 gigs on a 3 day stretch with who knows how many thousand attendees. Tourism cataloging aside, By:Larm also brought in some brilliant minds and successful pros in the industry to share some wisdom. In one seminar, former local (now lives in Berlin) indie superhero Erlend Øye ( Kings of ....

12:20 a.m. Friday 27th February 2009 EST
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