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Calvin Harris: Calvin Harris Throws Twitter ...

Calvin Harris, the Scottish pop star, has been getting mediocre reviews, and he knows why: "BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING RICH PEOPLES KIDS." That's from Calvin Harris's Twitter , which after a flurry of repetitive attacks on rich people, their role in music, and the lazy reviews their kids write for music magazines, has returned to calmer, lowercase self-promotion. But it was fun while it lasted, seeing Harris tweet "FUCK YOU RICH PEOPLE" and "FUCK THE RICH PEOPLES KIDS" before informing us that getting a poor review "doesn't feel good." The Guardian reports that reading the outburst made it "want to give him a hug," but it seems to me that Harris was acting like a, rich kid. He should ....<br/><br/> 7:15 a.m. Saturday 15th August 2009 EST
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