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Cam Deas - The Days Are ...

Cam Deas - The Days Are Over

Good luck to anyone wanting to find more music by Cameron Deas. Most of his releases are micro-pressings on CD-R, usually in runs of 50 or so. Maybe he's just that underground, or maybe his label just likes to attract collectors with elitism fetishes.

This would be a shame, as there's surely a larger audience awaiting this Sheffield-based guitarist. The Days Are Over is taken from the CD-R Five Bells , and features rich, feedback-looping drone sounds over which Deas plays his 12-string acoustic guitar. It's a simple, but lovely piece of sonic sculpture.

Of course, because of the presence of the guitar you're going to get people who try to place him somewhere in the folk tradition, rather than .... 10:39 a.m. Thursday 23rd April 2009 EST
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