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Cam'ron: "Got It For Cheap"

I wonder if anyone predicted that following a self-imposed exile, a disastrous stop snitching appearance on CNN, selling Juelz Santana, and fighting Jim Jones that Cam'ron would essentially stand as the most viable and credible Dipset member left on the block. In the time since Cam went away, Juelz has been reduced to appearing on tracks by the likes of Sean Kingston and other lessers, and Jim Jones has stretched his substandard skills into substandard projects like a one man show, and somehow roped Dame Dash, who used to have an eye for talent, into becoming his one man PR machine. Cam'ron, however, comes back without much stink on him, and anticipation for his new album, Crime Pays is hitting ....

1:30 a.m. Wednesday 18th March 2009 EST
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