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Cannes '09 Review: Lars Von Trier's ...

" Antichrist " is an exorcism of the foulness and unmitigated hatred stewing inside notorious provocateur Lars von Trier . It's production follows a crippling depression which stifled the Danish master's output for two years, following completof what could be described as the filmmaker's only conventional film, 2006's office comedy " The Boss of it All ." This new work finds von Trier coming out the other side of the woods and leading us in: "Antichrist" is set in the heart of a forested landscape known ironically as "Eden." The film's proverbial Adam and Eve (the cast lists them as "He" and "She") are played by the willowy Charlotte Gainsbourg and previous von Trier collaborator (in 2005's " Manderlay ") .... 3:57 a.m. Wednesday 20th May 2009 EST
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