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Cannes '09 Reviews: 'Precious,' 'Les Herbes ...

Cannes '09 Reviews: 'Precious,' 'Les Herbes Folles' & Jury Prize Winner 'Fish Tank'

Ok, we swear to god this is the end of our Cannes reviews, but we're obsessive completists and or sometimes slow. It sometimes takes a while for thoughts to marinate and digest (and or, we're lazy and slow). " Precious " ( Lee Daniels ) A big hit this year at Sundance , picking up virtually every award the festival has to offer, "Precious" (previously and awkwardly titled " Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire ," but changed due to a similarly titled lame duck sci-fi film) arrives at Cannes as an Un Certain Regard selection amidst some amount of controversy – the film is being warred over by the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate , the former believing they ....

1:48 a.m. Tuesday 2nd June 2009 EST
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