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Case Studies in Hype: Dirty Projectors ...

There's a hilarious bit from the comedy duo Scharpling and Wurster about the fictional rock band Mother 13 . In the role of singer Corey Harris, Jon Wurster explains how his fledgling major label rock band sounds like a cross between The Clash, the Who, Led Zeppelin, R.E.M. and some other well-regarded, A-list rock bands.<br/><br/> However, when he plays his band's single, what one hears is lifeless rock only remarkable for how generic it is. Scharpling is incredulous, accusing Wurster of mentioning those bands as an attempt to use their credibility for his own gain. I couldn't help but think of this "cred by association" when I heard Dirty Projectors covering Black Flag's Damaged album.<br/><br/> Well, they don't exactly "cover" .... 2:29 a.m. Saturday 22nd August 2009 EST
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