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Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clam

I live in the ‘penthouse’, the 11th floor, of a very tall building nestled in a cosmopolitan area here in Mass. Unbeknowenced to me, and to my shocking surprise and giddy delight, a cultural festival is taking place directly on the very next block, just across the street, right outside my windows. The Latin festival, I found out, is a yearly celebration here frothing over with vendors selling beads and baubles of dazzling colors and dozens of configurations twisted into jewelry, earrings, bracelets and mini statues, t-shirts of a thorny crowned, bloody Jesus right next to t-shirts of the grim reaper, a Goya tent with samples and coupons, someone in a costume of the sun (?) shaking hands while posing ....<br/><br/> 5:53 a.m. Monday 18th August 2008 EST
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