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Chairlift Remix Telepathe

One of the things I liked about early Telepathe was the spooky, hollowed, and echoing sound. While it's a fun record, the Dave Sitek-produced Dance Mother loses that vibe amid the hi-fi layers. Which is why it's interesting hearing standout "So Fine" paired down and minimized by Chairlift.<br/><br/> You can spot Charlift's Caroline Polachek dancing in the Burzum-toting "So Fine" video , so they clearly dug that version, but this takes it to a darker party down the street. It's one of three remixes on the CD version of Dance Mother . Continue reading Chairlift Remix Telepathe (Stereogum Premiere)....<br/><br/> 6:29 a.m. Tuesday 28th April 2009 EST
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