Charlotte & Magon

This has been sitting in my email box for too long, but as a tribute to the recently deceased 70s porn icon Marilyn Chambers (pictured), it's about time I introduce you to Charlotte & Magon . A boy/girl duo (she's French, he's from Israel) make the most exquisite softfocus, plushy shagcarpet music. Everything turns into brown and orange whenever Charlotte sings, and that's meant as a compliment.

Serge and Jane are a good reference, so are Air, Pierre Bachelet and even Minnie Riperton. It's retro, but brand new. 'We compose our music in the bedroom', they say, 'thinking of the sea'.

I bet they are. Although some songs have a French title, Charlotte doesn't sing in French. Alas.

Hope she .... 9:43 p.m. Friday 17th April 2009 EST
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