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Charlyne Yi: Contest: Cover "Magic Perfume" ...

[video:] A wise man-bug named John Lennon once said "All you need is love." Until she started filming Paper Heart , Charlyne Yi didn't believe that true love, as presented in the movies or by British guys with guitars, was really possible. Then she met Michael Cera, and found that if you search for it (via a cross-country road trip), you might find love in the form of a guy who smells like magic perfume and Christmas to you, and who also has really long arms. To celebrate the release of Paper Heart in select theatres August 7, Prefix and Charlyne are getting together to give one lucky reader an Apple iPod.<br/><br/> What do you have to do to get .... 3:17 a.m. Saturday 25th July 2009 EST
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