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charmed, im sure

i dont think that many men have charmed me before.. i would like to think not anyway. so, to nuuro i take my hat off.

well played sir. i am charmed. the new album by nuuro is entitled 'the reddest ruby' and seriously, the amount of intelligence, love and care evident in this project is staggering.

Nuuro - Avila it all began early one winter when he wrote a grand, beautiful poem (attached in the comments) and decided to make an album to accompany the narrative. what came after was a joyful, all-encompassing body of work that is as interesting and diverse as hot chip 's made in the dark and as thought-provoking and engrossing as m83 's saturdays=youth. Nuuro ....

From 'blouse'
11:35 a.m. Friday 27th February 2009 EST
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