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Chateau Marmont - "Beagle"

W hile stalking twitter conversations between two favorite blogs, I heard Faisal (OHHCRAPP) tell Andrew (StoneyRoads) that " Chateau Marmont are the shit, they are sound engineers, they worked on countless top albums, we just dunno- i hope they rls album" creeper = me (i know) But that sparked my curiosity. I wonder who they engineer? As far as an album goes, the closest thing w e have is their newest single, "Beagle" which drops with Kitsune 7 *forget all that* In theory I should post Chateau Marmont but in all honesty that track is just decent *pretty great*. Prins Thomas is where it's at.<br/><br/> Having Just remixed Junior Boys , its only natural that he work on James Yuill .... 9:13 a.m. Tuesday 19th May 2009 EST
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