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Cheerful Melancholia: Noah And The Whale

Cheerful Melancholia: Noah And The Whale

[See post on to listen to audio] 2 Bodies 1 Heart [MP3] 5 Years Time [MP3] Five Years Time [VIDEO] As the London-based members of Noah and the Whale incorporate their catchy Indie-Folk melodies with sunshine pop dipped in melancholic notes, they leave you warm and cosy, smiling and hopeful. The ukuleles, violins, handclaps, the distinct whistling refrain and the sing-along lines of “Five Years Time” strike at first as naive and whimsical. Yet the overall optimistic sound, the lighthearted folk and cheerful tunes of Noah and the Whale carry sadder hints, dreamy and wistful feelings.

Links: MySpace profile Official website. 3:31 a.m. Thursday 7th August 2008 EST
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