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Chevelle - Sci-Fi Crimes (2009)

Sure, what's left of the Loeffler brothers still has the same intensity. One could make a case, that they've maintained their sound tightly over the years. Question remains, is the sound drab to our culture after fifteen years of writing? Still as energetic as ever, Chevelle brings us Sci-Fi Crimes .

What's most difficult about reviewing these guys is picking apart the straws. The sound is still mood driven and explosive. Exhibit A, "Sleep Apnea" which has a pounding bass section and a showcasing of Pete's (lead) range.

"Shameful Metaphors" really sticks out here, but I've got no descriptive for this track. It does seem as though Dean Bernardini (bass) has gelled in nicely. Of course there's the lead single ....

11:14 p.m. Tuesday 15th December 2009 EST
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